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Robert 'Bob' Ellis  [1924 - 2017]

Robert Ellis Archives Copyrighted Navy Photo
1942 Robert 'Bob' Ellis In Boot Camp

The Robert 'Bob' Ellis Archives®© originally authorized and assisted
by Robert Bob Ellis are dedicated to preserve and document
the life, work, and many adventures in the life
of  businessman, Gay journalist, Gay publisher,
and Gay LGBTQ+ Rights Activist Robert 'Bob' Ellis

Robert Ellis Archives Copyrighted 1991 Photo
1991 Robert 'Bob' Ellis At The Graduate Gay Bar
In Tucson, Arizona

The Robert 'Bob'  Ellis Archives comprise the most comprehensive historical collections
of Robert 'Bob' Ellis family photographs & letters, personal interviews & recollections, community roasts,
Bob Ellis Gay & LGBTQ+ rights activisim contributions, documentary photographs and movies of Bob Ellis,
personal letters & correspondence, audio recordings, private journals, journalistic & publications efforts,
travels, careers, Bob Ellis documentary videos, daily life, personal items, business items,
articles, original publications, and other works of Bob Ellis.

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